Saturday, April 23, 2005

Pre-Draft Rambling
By Imtiaz Mussa

Instead of doing a mock draft because there are going to be many trades, I’m just going to put down my random thoughts on tomorrow’s selection meeting.

The Talent
There is no player who is worthy of being the number one overall pick. There is no player in this draft who you can point to and say that he will be an absolute dominant player in his first year. With that being said, there are players who can be looked at and are expected to make solid contributions like Derrick Johnson, Antrel Rolle, and Alex Barron. But this draft is going to purely be about fits than simply talent. The Smith/Rodgers debate is a prime example.
Alex Smith: Franchise Quarterback?

The Teams with the Top Picks
Something tells me that San Francisco would not mind trading out of the number one overall pick. Minnesota is the only team that has the two quality first round picks that the Niners would be looking for. The Vikings have their sights set on Braylon Edwards or Mike Williams in order to replace the departed Randy Moss.
Nick Saban also wants some flexibility but might not be able to get it. They used a second rounder to get AJ Feely so can they really justify getting another quarterback? In all likelihood, they’ll stay and draft a running back.
Cleveland can go in many directions. I think that if Alex Smith is still there, (which is looking really unlikely) then he should be their man. The players that will be there are the likes of Derrick Johnson and Braylon Edwards. Does Romeo go out there and get an impact linebacker? I’m tempted to say yes.
Chicago should go wide receiver and might end up just taking the best one out there. This might end up being Mike Williams. It wouldn’t surprise me if Minnesota makes them an offer they can’t refuse.
Tampa can also go in many directions. They need a quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. Cadillac Williams or Cedric Benson might be out there.

Teams With Many Selections
I’ve already mentioned Minnesota and it wouldn’t surprise if they move up to grab a top wideout. San Diego who has the Giants first rounder is in the same spot and can use the picks to possibly get a quality wideout (Troy Williamson?) or defensive help. (Pac-Man Jones?) Dallas has made it clear that they will go defense and rightfully so. The Tuna is reportedly looking for a quality lineman who can rush the quarterback. The Philadelphia Eagles also have a good number of picks in the first day and should deal up if they want to get an impact player. Outside of Williams, Edwards, and Williamson, there is no game breaking wideout. Philly needs one of those to complement Owens rather than get another Freddie Mitchell. Washington made a head scratching move trading next year’s round one pick (which is going to be up there) in order to get the 25th overall. Kudos to Denver for robbing Washington. Many think that the Skins will use that pick to select Auburn signal caller Jason Campbell. This will signal the end for Patrick Ramsey. Note to Cleveland, he’s got a good arm, take a chance and acquire him. Washington will not demand much.

Mel Kiper Jr.
I was thinking about going to the draft but do I really want to sit there and listen to him? When he was my age, he started doing these things instead of getting a real career. I love the draft too but I’m still going to law school. Grow up Mel.


Blogger David Arnott said...

The two players closest to "can't miss" went in the second round, to the Jets, and in the third round, to the Chiefs.
Mike Nugent was awesome in college. I remember seeing Janikowski at Florida State and wondering how to value a guy with his skills, and I thought the same things when I watched Ohio State this year.
Dustin Colquitt, out of Tennessee, is the only punter to ever make my jaw drop. The guy had such tremendous hang times and such ridiculous confidence.

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