Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Your Quick Met Update
By Ben Valentine

A couple of things today caught my attention, so much so that I figured I’d post quickly about each one. Originally I had multiple teams to talk about, but there was a lot of news in Metland, so I decided to just go with that.

-According to Rotoworld, Pedro Martinez was suffering from back pain Saturday. However they also expect him to start Thursday.

-Comment: Ah, well now we know why Willie took him out. If your ace is pitching through pain, then getting him out in an 8-0 game is the right thing to do. And now a supposedly deep Mets rotation is suddenly thinned as…

-The Mets have pushed Kris Benson back from Friday to Sunday with concern for his shoulder.
Comment: Eek. Well another mystery from last weekend Nats’ series solved. I believe Steve Trachsel, activated today, will take Benson’s spot in the rotation. If the shoulder continues to bother Benson, expect Trachsel to stay in that spot.

-In order to make room for Trachsel, the Mets designated Danny Graves for assignment.

Comment: Party at my house, Saturday. Bring the bubbly. Mr. Graves is not invited.

-My team’s answer to Felix Hernandez, Yusmerio Petit, lost in his AAA debut yesterday.

Comment- The 20 year old Petit went six innings, surrendering 8 hits, 3 walks, 3 runs and striking out six. It was a so-so first outing for a guy who by all accounts was dominating AA, but it may have just been nerves after the promotion. The three walks are unusual for him, he walked just 18 the entire year at AA. My guess is he’ll bounce back, and probably post a low 3.00 ERA the rest of the year. At 4 PM today, I didn’t think there was any chance he’d see the Mets this season. With Benson and Pedro’s injuries however, things may well have changed.

-The other top Mets prospect, CF Lastings Milledge, went 2-4 with 2 doubles at AA today, raising his average there to .341.

Comment- Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I was impressed with the hot streak Milledge showed after struggling the first week or two after his promotion. A two week hot streak isn’t enough to warrant a promotion, even for September as Zach had suggested to me prior, but now I’m on board with him on this one. Before today’s game, his numbers were .337/.389/.491. Milledge deserves at least a look when the rosters expand. Stick him in right. As much as a like Victor Diaz’s bat, if Milledge could give the Mets .280/.340/.430, play great defense and give the Mets more speed, then he’d be an upgrade. Plus, at the very least, he would give the Mets something other than a purely an all defense/no offense option in late game situations. (“Geriatrics” Williams I’m looking in your direction).

-Recent Mets call-up Mike Jacobs hit his second home run in three games tonight.

Comment: The is the last one listed because the game is going on as I typed this. Willie didn’t want to use Jacobs, but was forced to give him a second look after the jack he hit Sunday. Good for the kid, who looks like he’s got a live bat. He can play 1st base along with catcher, so there’s no reason for the Mets to send him anywhere. Come to think of it, with Jacobs, Milledge, Petit, Diaz and of course Reyes and Wright, the Mets have a pretty talented young players in their system. Unlike that other team in town.


Blogger Zachary Geballe said...

Uh, Ben, I hate to remind you, but your team's answer to Felix Hernandez is currently pitching in Tampa

10:09 AM  
Blogger Ben Valentine said...

Haha. Sad but true. But come on you should be happy about the fact I've found a new golden boy. I'm focusing on the positive for once. Lord knows even I got tired of hearing myself complain about the Kazmir trade last summer.

10:28 PM  

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