Friday, September 16, 2005

Seo Close, Yet So Far
By Ben Valentine

Editor's note:it's been a while since Ben submitted a piece as rife with spelling and grammatical errors as this one. It means he's really angry. Enjoy:

Well, so much for my dream of having Jae Seo and Aaron Heilman in the rotation for next year.

Right on cue from my last couple of Mets posts, the New York Daily News is reporting Willie Randolph won't commit to Seo because they like the way Heilman is pitching. If he's pitching so well, why not use him in more spots? On a related note, the Mets radio announcers said Heilman is being sent to winter ball to work as a starter. So it appears it's an either or situation for the two most promising pitchers on the Mets staff.

An optimist would say, "Hey you're getting one, that ain't bad. Maybe the Mets are wising up. And you're an injury away from getting both in there anyway." But of course I'm disappointed. If both of them are pitching well, why should they be bumped and forced to compete against one another? Why not Benson, Glavine, Trachsel or Zambrano? Furthermore, I don't understand why Seo and Heilman can't be both in the rotation anyway, since Traschel is a free agent and Zambrano is already in the pen.

The Mets are taking a step in the right direction. But between now and the start of next year they need to take a few more. Come on Omar, surprise me.


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