Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Officially Bad
By Ben Valentine

It’s late and after a disappointing but not unexpected Jet loss, I figured I’d post a quick couple of thoughts on the game.

First off, I have to rip the downright awful officiating in this one. Look, the Jets were outplayed and killed themselves with those three first quarter fumbles. However, the officials didn’t help matters much either with two questionable offensive pass interference calls. Then of course, the capper to all of this was at the end of the first half, after a Wayne Chrebet catch. The Jets called their last time out to stop the clock. The break gave the booth a chance to review the play, at which point they determined it was not a catch. The Jets punted, and then got the ball back with :29 seconds to go in the half after a Michael Vick interception.

According to the rule, and kudos to Al Michaels for being the only person in Atlanta who seemed to know it, the Jets should have had one time out. The earlier play’s reversal effectively negates everything that happened after the play; in other words, the time out the Jets took never happened. The Jets therefore should have had one time out left with a chance to get at least a FG which would have cut it to a ten point game at the time. Herman Edwards asked about this and the officials incorrectly said the Jets had NO time outs left. This is of course inexcusable. If the officials do not know the rules of the game, what the hell is the point of having them at all?

Oh and to top off that first half disaster, the Jets still managed to pick up a first down. Laverneous Coles made catch along the sidelines and was shoved out. Now the ruling here is simple. Either he caught it and was forced out or he didn’t catch it. Either way, the clock should have stopped. The official called it a catch and waived his arms for a stoppage. For some reason the clock kept running and the Jets didn’t get another play off. Again, inexcusable. Unless there’s some rule I’m missing here, how the hell could the clock move? Coles either caught the ball and got shoved out of bounds, stopping the clock, or he didn’t catch the ball, which stops the clock. Both ways the clock stops.

Like I said, a complete and utter joke. It probably didn’t cost the Jets the game, but the NFL out to be ashamed of itself after such a pitiful display.

- Again, major props go to Michaels, who knew the rule, even though his partner John Madden, admittedly didn’t. Despite being told by Madden he was incorrect, Michaels insisted on checking the rule book and revealed at the start of the second half the officials HAD gotten it wrong. We sports fans often complain about announcers and color guys not knowing what they should (as David articulated quite well with Mr. McCarver earlier today). However, Michaels deserves credit as being one of the few guys out there who genuinely knows his stuff. And he calls a good game too.

-To the game now: Brooks Bollinger should start in two weeks. Vinny is done. That last INT he threw in the third quarter just before he came out was emblematic of it all. It was a blatant give up (as Madden pointed out). Even if he wasn’t hurt, Herm should have yanked him right there. And while Bollinger was going up against a soft Falcons secondary (though they did blitz on that last Jets’ drive) he still showed an ability to move the offense. Most importantly, he showed mobility! Imagine where the Jets might have been had they used someone who could actually run away from those Falcons’ rushers, instead of standing back there and fumbling. I just don’t see any legitimate reason to start Vinny again. He hasn’t thrown a TD pass in three games, has made some terrible decisions and can’t move. I repeat, it’s over. Move on.

-The Jets D is real good. Too bad they’re always on the field. They made Michael Vick look like a college QB tonight. If it wasn’t for the fact the Falcons started with the ball in Jets territory three times, they wouldn’t have done anything on offense. Vick made one or two nice runs early and then got shut down the rest of the way. His rating was a 13.3! I know as a scrambler that matters less, but he was downright awful tonight. The Jets schemed him well and not only kept him in check but made him play a terrible game.

-Hopefully Jonathan Vilma isn’t hurt too badly. The last thing this Jet team needs is more injuries.

-I give Coles an “A” for effort tonight. That trade looks about as bad as can be right now, but Coles did his best to make something out of nothing whenever he could.

-I don’t know if how many saw it, but on ABC’s “Inside/outside” thirty second segment with Vick, he mentioned the secret to having two girlfriends is “two cell phones.” All I can say is, “You tell em’ Ron.”

-By the way, if the NFL is banning “Ron Mexico” jerseys because of the negative exposure, why the hell did they allow that to run? I mean didn’t they preview a TAPED segment???

-I was asked by a friend of mine, the illustrious Bryan Koch, if the Jets should take Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart, should they get the #1 pick. Well, the truth is the Texans and Niners are both worse than the Jets, so they’re much more likely to end up with the first or second pick. Since both need a RB more than a QB, one has to figure Mr. Bush would be gone. However, hypothetically, if both USC players were there, the Jets should take Reggie Bush. As much as I love C- Mart, and he is the greatest Jet of all time, he’s basically done. Next year it’s time to move on. A top notch back is more valuable than a QB and they take less time to develop. I also don’t love Leinart. I think he’ll be a solid NFL QB, but I think Bush could be a special back. Of course, considering all the hype Bush has gotten since that Notre Dame game, I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment.

-Just as a closing question, having nothing to do with the Jets or the game… does anyone think this might be the year an NFL team finally goes winless? Last year it should have happened and I mean, the Texans might just be that bad…


Blogger David Arnott said...

Re: Reggie Bush

The problem is that he has not been the featured back in college. He's the change-of-pace back and the throw-a-wrench-in-their-scheme back, but he hasn't been an every down guy, which I think counts against him because he won't be able to make that transition in the NFL. Whichever team drafts him, I think the right move is to make him a wide receiver and the primary special teams weapon. He's basically Brian Westbrook with Dante Hall's quicks, and Andy Reid knows that you can't hand the ball to Westbrook 30 times a game and expect him to last the season. The Eagles system would be perfect for Bush. As for your point about the Texans and Niners needing a RB, the Niners are high on Frank Gore, believe it or not, and the Texans have Davis, who can't block but does run pretty well. If either team gets the first pick, they'd be fools not to take that tackle out of Virginia, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who I read would've been a top five pick last year, and is apparently the best college tackle prospect since Orlando Pace. Once he's gone, the other team has to trade down. If the Texans are number two and can't trade down, they'll take Leinart, giving Carr a chance to go the Drew Brees route, no matter how shaky that decision is. If the Niners are number two and can't trade down, they'll take the best defensive player on the board and build the line from there on out. Bush is gonna get Ricky Williams-ed. My 2 pence.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Ben Valentine said...

You're right that Bush hasn't been a feature back, though we just had a draft where two backs on the same team went in the first round (Ronnie Brown and Cadillac Williams).

I think his talent will be too tantalizing to pass up. He's one of the fastest guys around and his agility is just sick. He makes guys miss, but on the other hand, I've seen him break through tackles too. He's listed at 6-0, 200. Is that big enough for the NFL? Somebody's gonna find out.

You're right about the Texans though. They should take Ferguson. As for the Niners, you know more them than I do. Of course, I just wonder how they could pass on a potential marketing coup by drafting a California player like Bush. Who's gonna sell more jerseys, Gore or Bush? (Especially if Gore doesn't do much this season)

1:57 AM  

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