Monday, October 17, 2005

The Return
By Ben Valentine

I'm out baby. Valentine's views are back for another go round.

And hopefully, I won't be back in the hospital for some time. Unfortunately with Crohn's disease, one never knows.

It's been a week, did you all miss me? Or my lovely rants about Vinny Testaverde, the Yankees, Mets etc? (Lots to say with the first two by the way, starting with "I told you so)

Anyway, after a week confined to a hospital bed, not knowing if I'd need serious surgery, it feels good to be back home and posting. Of course, I wrote while laid up, and so get ready to see some of my hospitalized, mostly non drug induced ramblings shortly. How shortly? Well pretty much after I finish typing up this post.

To my loyal readers, yes all three of you, it's great to be back. Blog posting may not pay me anything, but I sure as hell missed it.

On with the show.


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