Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Truth About A-Rod And Jeter
By Ben Valentine

A Quick non sports/sports update:

I've started writing for a local paper/ website called the NYC Sporting News in addition to Sportszilla. So far, I've done two articles which can be found on their site.

Here's the most recent article, posted today, about the myth about Derek Jeter, A-Rod and the rest of this supposed Yankee postseason greatness. I've mentioned stuff like this before, but this features some more statistical analysis and harsher comments.

Let me know what you all think. Yes, all three of you.


Anonymous k-borg said...

Interesting article. It's pretty easy to bang on A-rod right now and it's good see something from the other side.

It seems that a lot of the talk is really based on the 96-00 Yankees v. 01-05 Yankees. Jeter is the face of the Yankees dynasty and, fair or not, Rodriguez is a symbol of Steinbrenner's recent futility (even though he's only seen 2 playoffs with the Yanks).

That being said, I'd like to point out something that you overlooked in the statistical breakdown between Jeter and Rodriguez:

Rodriguez's numbers include his years with the Mariners (when they made the postseason in 97 and 00, plus the limited action he saw in 95). Exclude those games and you'll see that as a Yankee A-rod is hitting a much more modest .277- with 3 HRs, 6 2Bs, and 12 BBs in 65 ABs.

And if you take away that crazy 19-8 win over the Sox last year, Rodriguez is hitting a measly .250- with 2 HRs and 4 2Bs in 60 ABs.

Hmmm....maybe there is something to all of this A-rod bashing after all...

2:08 AM  

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