Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Random NBA Predictions
By Imtiaz Mussa

With fellow Knicks fan John Schmeelk previewing the blue and orange, I’m just gonna proceed to my predictions. After all, I pretty much agree with what my former sports director had to say regarding the team. So on that note, I started with rookie of year. But then I got bored trying to decide on a defensive player of the year so I tried some different categories. But then I brought it back to a finals prediction.

Rookie of the Year: Andrew Bogut
I believe Bogut is the real deal and will make a meaningful contribute right away. By adding Jamaal Magloire, Bogut will have some of the pressure taken off of him in the paint. But the biggest factor to his success may be the return of T.J. Ford who will get him the ball. Plus whenever he gets doubled in the post, just kick it out to Michael Redd.

Most Improved Player: Andre Iguodala
I have a hard time coming up with players who have the physical gifts that he has. Iguodala will learn how to improve his offensive game and eventually get to a couple of All Star games.

MVP: LeBron James
This coincides with the fact that his supporting cast got a heck of a lot stronger. I believe that Cleveland is a playoff team this year and will make some noise. King James made tremendous improvements in his game last year and there is no reason to believe that he will not continue to do so. He was close to being an MVP caliber player last year but now with that team around him, he is.

Free Agency Signing that Makes People Scream Why!?: Jerome James
As a Knicks fan, I saw this coming a mile away so I’m not too surprised by it. I would like to use the Carlos Beltran principle (have a great postseason and get overpaid for it) but that is not the case in the NBA and specifically with the Knicks. I will raise one question which I think sums it up. What’s the difference between Jerome James and Jackie Butler? The answer is about thirty million dollars.

Free Agency Signing that Will Look Pretty Good: Bobby Simmons and Stromile Swift
Casual basketball fans don’t have a clue who Simmons is because he spent his breakout years in Los Angeles with the Clippers. He is a solid wing player who can do it all. Plus, he’s only 25 years old and entering the prime of this career. He will be one of those guys who will help make the Bucks a playoff team. Swift is the type of player that Jeff Van Gundy loves to get his hands on. The former second overall pick has the athleticism that cannot be taught. He also brings the power and mean streak that Yao currently lacks. He will mesh with Tracy McGrady.

First Coach to be Fired: Sam Mitchell
Okay that’s taking the easy way out because the Raptors are such an awful team.
So how about Stan Van Gundy? If Miami struggles to get off to a good start, could Pat Riley pass up the chance to get back on the bench? I think he has one more coaching run in him. The question is when does he take it?
Remember this?

Frederic Weis Award: Orlando taking Fran Vazquez
Someone has to explain this to me, how does a team not realize that a player has no intention to come to the NBA? And why can’t Vazquez just come out and say that he will not be playing in the States?

Finally… NBA Champion: San Antonio Spurs over Indiana Pacers
I have a hard time picking any other team. What do they do to make themselves better? Just add Michael Finley and Nick Van Exel. I have a hard time rooting against them too. I wish it could be as easy as hating the Bulls.


Blogger Dub V.2 said...

I agree about the Stro Show. He could be good for Houston this year. In reagrds to Bobby Simmons, well, he's solid and has a bit better J than Desmond Mason, but the money wasn't right.

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