Sunday, November 20, 2005

Rock Bottom
By Ben Valentine

There isn’t much to say about this Jets season anymore. So I’ll be blunt. Today they hit rock bottom.

Rotoworld officially marked the moment as the point when Kliff Kingsbury, formerly of the much maligned by me Texas Tech Red Raiders, entered the game for an injured Vinny Testaverde with a minute to go in the fourth quarter today. Personally, I’d put it right at Vinny’s second interception of the game, when Champ Bailey made a nifty play to make the pick while keeping his feet in bounds. (By the way can Justin McCariens bother to fight for the football? I guess was really wrong about the man Zach calls Casper the Friendly Ghost) Also nominated would be Justin Miller’s kickoff return fumble after the Jets went down 10-0, Vinny’s fumble on his first snap from scrimmage and Brooks Bollinger becoming the fourth Jets QB to leave a game due to injury this year.

Take your pick. They’ve all got merit. In the end of course it doesn’t matter because what is clear is the Jets are arguably the worst team in the NFL right now.

It pains me to say it, but there just isn’t any way around it. As good as that defense is, and they deserve some real high marks for keeping that blowout as close as they did, and I’m dead serious about that, they simply cannot compensate for the most beat up offense in the NFL. They’re worse than Houston offensively people. They not only don’t have a line, but they might be down to their fifth string QB. Look, I don't blame the coaches, the players or much else for this aside from bad luck. I don't care who was coaching this team; no one is overcoming this many set backs with this tough a schedule. The team is bad, and injuries are to blame.

At this point, the Jets season has become a running joke anyway. It starts with, “What else can go wrong?” The punch line is another injury. Today it was Bollinger. Brooks didn’t look great in his first two possessions but he sure looked better than Vinny did. Last week’s four INT performance wasn’t pretty and I’d have liked to see how he rebounded. With his concussion, I doubt he sees the field again as a starter this year and I figure there's probably less than a fifty percent chance he ever sees it again in that capacity. Tough break for the kid, like I said. He probably isn’t an NFL starter. But we’ll most likely never know now.

Again, much credit goes to the hard working defense, which played as well as could be expected considering the Broncos had the ball 22 minutes more than the Jets did. What else is new though? It’s been the same old story since Chad Pennginton and Jay Fiedler went down. This is an offense that has gotten so bad, a punt is a positive possession. Ah Mike Vaccarro, where’s the “quit” in the Jet D now? Considering they are not only on the field so much, but routinely have to defend a short one, you could argue they’ve been one of the better units all year. I can’t think of a defense outside of Baltimore which has had less to work with on the offensive side of the football.

How bad is Vinny’s injury? Who knows? Does it matter at this point? I’ll watch next week, if only with the faint hope I get to see what Kingsbury, who completed his first NFL pass today, can do. Seriously, the Jets for the rest of the year should try out a new QB every week and see if any of them stick. Could any of them be worse than Vinny at this point, who managed to actually play worse than Bollinger did last week? (And some didn’t think that was actually possible)

Like I said, it really doesn’t matter. More losses mean an increased chance of seeing Reggie Bush in Jets green next year. And his 501 yards of total offense Saturday night against Fresno State might be more than the Jets offense puts up for the rest of the season.

And you think I’m joking. Kliff Kingsbury against the Saints on Sunday night baby!

Did I actually pick this team to go to the Super Bowl this year?

-You know who else I picked? The Philadelphia Eagles! That pick aien’t looking so good either. Seriously, after my post the other day where I successfully jinxed the Hurricanes' season (and nearly did the same to USC), I think I might be willing to call myself a bigger team killer than Terrell Owens.

-On the bright side, I told you so Eagles fans (One specifically, though I doubt she reads this blog). The Commish, (Mike McMahon, for those who don't read our weekly picks) can play and a lot better than Koy Detmer I might add. That 12 yard run he had in the fourth quarter against the Giants on 3rd and 8 was one of the best plays I’ve seen this season from a QB. He won’t make anyone forget Donovan McNabb, but the Eagles problems the rest of the way will not stem from McMahon. Bryan Westbrook is not an every down back, at least not yet, and their receivers are terrible. Oh and let’s not get into the defense. Okay, let’s but for just one play. What the hell were they looking at when Plaxico Burress was scampering down the sideline to seal the deal in the fourth quarter? The corner bit on a Burress stop and go… AFTER Burress was already behind him! What did you think he was going to do? Run backwards? The Eagles D is an absolute joke, an ever bigger one than the Jets offense. At least the Jets have injuries as an excuse.

-Word of warning: If the Commish plays well down the stretch, expect to see loads of McMahon to the Jets demands posted around here. Like I said, I’m just giving fair warning.

- More props for a favorite QB of mine; Ken Dorsey. Just when I left him for dead as an NFL QB, he comes up with a gritty performance against the Seahawks. He actually got the Niners into the endzone! That's a job well done! I don’t think Dorsey is much more than an NFL backup, but I was glad to see him finally play a decent game in the league. I just wish I could see what he could do with an actual team around him. I doubt much of anything, but I’d still like to see it.

-The Bengals will be a dynamic offense force next season. But this year isn’t their time yet. Their defense has been opportunist, but it isn’t very good. The Colts showed that with ease today. Still considering where that franchise has been for the last 15 years, Bengals fans have to be ecstatic with their team’s play. Just making the playoffs should be considered an achievement. Anything after that is gravy.

-The Dolphins can’t play in the cold. It’s a proven fact. No matter who coaches this team, they just can’t. I figured they’d lose in Cleveland, but to get destroyed… by the Browns? Wow, that’s bad. I mean this is the team that actually lost to the Texans!

-Just a random QB thought poll… in what order would you start these QBs as of right now? Vinny Testaverde, Brooks Bollinger, Alex Smith, Cody Pickett, Ken Dorsey, Tim Rattay, Chris Simms, Mike McMahon, Koy Detmer, Tommy Maddox, Charlie Batch, Kurt Warner, Josh McCown, Trent Dilfer, Charlie Frye, Kyle Orton, Anthony Wright or Kyle Boller? Naturally you know who’d I pick first, but I’d probably have put Tommy Maddox last, behind even Vinny. The guy is just awful. Seriously, there have been some bad QBs starting in the NFL this season.

-On the extreme flip side, Drew Brees today: 28 for 33, 339 yards and 4 TDs. So why is San Diego so anxious to trade this guy?

-In case you got bored with my Jets rant and glossed over it earlier, Reggie Bush had 500+ yards of total offense Saturday night against Fresno State, including 294 yards rushing. He’s good. Real good.

-The Broncos better wear the Orange Crush jerseys Thanksgiving. The uniforms of the high flying John Elway, Bobby Humphrey days will always be the “real” ones in my mind.

As you can see the Jets season has actually driven me insane. Oh well, at least I did better with the picks this week. Anyway check back in a few days to see if I’ve regained some semblance of sanity.


Blogger Tony said...

The Jets season is a fluke with the injuries, but it also taught them a lesson. They need to upgrade their offense. Coles isn't the answer, Martin is getting there in age, and Cherbet should had retired 2 years ago.

I hate to say it, but lose, lose, and lose and draft Reggie Bush. Get some1 for WR and get a QB because Chad scares me.

4:54 AM  
Blogger David Arnott said...

I'll bite...

Just from what I've seen, if I'm trying to win right now:
Tim Rattay, Trent Dilfer, Kyle Orton, Josh McCown, Mike McMahon, Charlie Frye, Brooks Bollinger, Ken Dorsey, Anthony Wright, Cody Pickett, Chris Simms, Koy Detmer, Kurt Warner, Alex Smith, Tommy Maddox, Kyle Boller, Charlie Batch, Vinny Testaverde.

My 2 pence.

5:51 AM  
Blogger Sports Litter said...

Do Jets fans really think their season would be different if Pennington were healthy? He's always been overrated in my opinion. The Jets should make a trade after the Jaguars David Gerrard. He is an amazing quarterback stuck in the back-up role.

I wouldn't go with a RB if I were the Jets in the draft. RBs are a dime a dozen now a days. Go with a QB, Pennington is done.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Ben Valentine said...

Sports litter- Pennington or Fiedler would have made this season a lot different. Consider the close losses they had to Buffalo, Baltimore and Jacksonville alone. If they had a healthy, NFL QB in any of those games they would have most likely won them. Give them just two of those games and they're 4-6. In the AFC East, that's certainly still alive. And just giving them two more wins is a conservative estimate.

I don't think Pennington was overrated when healthy, but at this point it's moot. He's not healthy and probably never will be again. However great running backs aren't a dime a dozen, unless you're in Denver of course. A talent like Bush doesn't come along often. They also develop much faster than QBs, who are usually terrible their first two years in the league. The Jets want to win next year, so they should draft a back and find a place holder QB. Gerrard? If they could get him for a mid round selection (4th or 5th) I wouldn't be opposed to that.

5:37 PM  

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