Saturday, January 07, 2006

NFL Picks: Wild Card Weekend
By Ben Valentine

Picks time, this time for Wild Card Weekend. Zach will most likely be along to make his picks later, so for right now you've just got mine. Considering my record this year, you probably just want to stop reading right now.

This week:

Ben: 0-1-0
Zach: 1-0-0

Buccaneers -1 vs. Redskins

Ben: Buccaneers.: The Redskins are playing some of their best football of the season as their late season surge got them into the postseason after most had them dead to rights a few weeks back. Are they the hot team coming into the postseason that will be this year’s upset special? I don’t think so. The Bucs have been playing solid football and have this game at home. The Skins most impressive wins this year, against the Cowboys and Giants, have come in D.C. Bucs take this one. Wrong.
Zach: Redskins. Chris Simms in the playoffs? No thanks. You knw he'll throw at least one terrible INT. Plus, I know Coach Janky Spanky has drawn up a solid gameplan for the Redskins D. Right.

Patriots -7.5 vs. Jaguars

Ben: Jaguars. I know the Pats are playing well, but can someone explain to me how a 10-6 team is favored by over a TD against a team that went 12-4? The Jags always play teams close and the Pats usually do the same. Even if they plug in a rusty Byron Leftwich, the Jags win games with their defense. They probably won’t win, but this score should be less than seven.
Zach: Jaguars. O agree with Ben, that's a lot of points to be laying to a 12-4 team.

Giants -2.5 vs. Panthers

Ben: Panthers.: The Giants have been a better team at home than on the road. However, this will be the best team they’ve faced there all season. The Carolina front four will pressure Eli Manning into mistakes and while the Panthers can’t run the ball well, I don’t expect the G-Men to stop the Panthers passing attack.
Zach: Panthers. I really, really, really don't like either team. So gimme the points.

Bengals +3 vs. Steelers

Ben: Steelers: Picking one favorite? I must be insane. Of course maybe that’s why I did so poorly in the regular season. In any case, the Steelers are arguably playing better than anyone coming in this postseason and have been rewarded by being designated a road favorite. That tag, unlike the Pats huge spread, is well deserved. Expect the Steelers rejuvenated offense to put up points against the Bengals’ poor secondary while the Steelers D will generate a few turnovers of their own. As I keep saying about Cinci, this was a good year. But they’re still a few players away on defense from being a real Super Bowl contender.
Zach: Bengals. How can the Steelers be favored? Did anyone watch Cincinnati beat the hell out of them in Pittsburgh earlier this year?


Blogger The Armchair Quarterback said...

It's the Patriots guys. This is the playoffs. How is it not a bigger spread is my question? I just checked the score at halftime and my worst fears have been realized. The Jags are proving me right.

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