Friday, March 03, 2006

Abraham Dealt?
By Ben Valentine

All pro defensive end John Abraham, rumored to have been on the trading block after being designated the Jets' franchise player, may be on his way out of New York as early as today.

According to a report, broken by AJ Vaynerchuck on his video blog site and then reported by Mr. Vaynerchuck on , Abraham would be sent to the Denver Broncos in exchange for one of their two first round picks, the 29th overall.

It is important to note however that we at Sportszilla have not been able to confirm this outside of those spots. Therefore nothing on this is by any means official. In fact, even if it does go down, with the delay of the NFL’s free agent period until Sunday, I would be shocked to see anything officially announced before then at the earliest.

The Broncos have been rumored to be one of the teams most interested in Abraham, along with the Texans and Redskins. The Texans yesterday announced they would not seek a deal with the Jets and the Skins are facing a potential salary cap disaster depending on what happens with the new collective bargaining agreement. They also have no first round pick, which ironically went to the Broncos in the Clinton Portis/Champ Bailey trade. Denver, while also over the cap heading into the off season, freed up some a lot of space Wednesday by releasing TE Jeb Putzier, HB/FB Mike Anderson and DE Trevor Pryce. In response to the moves, the Denver Post said the Broncos would explore a trade for Abraham. However, they also reported the Broncos would probably need to clear a little more cap room before that could be an option.

Definitely take a wait and see attitude here. However it would not surprise me if something like this did eventually get done, since the Jets clearly are moving Abraham out and the Broncos have two first round picks.

Supposing this deal does go down, I will be a bit disappointed in the return. There are few defensive ends in this league with Abraham’s game breaking ability, injury concerns or no. To receive a late round 1st rounder, especially since Denver has a higher pick (22nd overall), leaves a lot to be desired. Consider the Jets managed to get two first round picks out of the Buccaneers for Keyshawn Johnson back in 2000. (Ironically, Abraham being one of those players taken with those picks) A wide receiver is not nearly as important to a team as a defensive end is. Of course with draft picks you’re trading for an unknown, thus the true value of this trade would not be known until a few years from now at the earliest.

Again stay tuned with this one. As with any trade, until the guys are at the press conference in the new uniforms, I remain skeptical. After all, how many times was Juan Pierre traded this off season?

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