Friday, March 24, 2006

Hall of Fame
By Bryan Koch

The problem with the Hall of Fame – it’s become Nerd World. “Hey, if you look at his OPB -- yes you know me -- his OPS, if you multiply it using a sliding chart and you put some marmalade on your toes, he appears to be a 14th ballot Hall of Famer.” The Hall of Fame has become “Nerd World in Orlando.”

Jose Canseco should be in the Hall of Fame and here’s why. It’s called “Hall of Fame.” “Fame” for “famous.” For ten years he was the most talked about player in the league. He is the whistle blower, the only honest person in this sport, who called out the game’s discrepancies and lies. He is famous, he is relevant and he is talked about. [nerd voice] “Well his numbers don’t compare—“ I don’t care. It’s called Hall of Fame, not "Hall of Very Good."

Jose Canseco should be in the Hall of Fame because he is famous.

But it’s become nerd world. Where everybody constructs arguments based on data and research, and if you accumulate over time a bunch of numbers – that’s not great, that’s just working in a factory for 30 years. If you work in a factory for 26 years and are good, that doesn’t make you great. Good doesn’t become great over time -- good’s good and great’s great.

You’re either a model or a supermodel. If you’re a model for 30 years, you’re not elevated to a supermodel. You’re a supermodel if you’re Tyra Banks. Okay? There’s a model and then there’s a supermodel. The Hall of Fame is supermodel territory.

Jose Canseco is absolutely one of the 12 most known names in the history of the sport-

Ugh, I can't do this anymore. This is a failed attempt to take revenge for Colin Cowherd's theft of blog material. I thought I could do The M Blog justice by stealing some of Cowherd's material; showing him how it feels.

There's only one problem: He's an idiot, and his material sucks.

Jose Canseco is one of the 12 most known names in the history of sport? I'm pretty sure that twelve guys are playing right now who are better known.

How do you reason with utter ignorance?

Thanks to Fire Joe Morgan for the transcription of this pathetic segment.

(You see that, Colin? It's not so hard to cite your source.)

Back to the drawing board.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Credit me , get over it already. He never said it was his or he created it. He said he either got it off the internet or someone send it to him.

I know your smart, because you have one of the best blogs. Of the two excuses he gave where he got it where does he claim ownership.

His listners write what he wrote in google and MZone comes up and people continue to read their blog because its good.

3:51 PM  
Blogger David Arnott said...

Captain Anonymous, you're missing the point. It doesn't matter whether someone sent it to him or if he found it in some corner of the internet without a title. Once confronted by the original authors, HE ACTED LIKE A JERK AND REFUSED TO GIVE CREDIT. Because he is making money off of someone else's intellectual property and refuses to give them proper credit, he is vulnerable to lawsuit. At best, it's an unethical and unprofessional approach to broadcasting. The concept of fair use extends to those who are in the academic field and, in generally accepted netiquette, those limiting themselves to excerpts and not making any money off of it. By selling advertising during his show, Cowherd is making money off of the MZone's work. Not cool.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Captain Assnot,

How did they tell him that is was their material like asses or hey I think you should give us credit.

I know when I am wrong and people attack me I tell them F-off.

He should give MZbabies his paycheck when he metioned their not funny wonderlic test. That is the money he made off them.

Now MZbabies should give him props for brining more traffic then they have ever had.

Oh yeah, its General Anonymous.

5:30 PM  
Blogger David Arnott said...

Let me get this straight Colonel Anonymous... A grown person, which you obviously can't be (based on your posts), and an alleged professional at that in Cowherd, should be EXPECTED to act like a jerk when confronted with his wrongdoing? Also, no one should ever be upset when their intellectual property is used without crediting them? Yes, that makes loads of sense. I'll give you that MZone could and probably should have been more polite in their initial email, but their being sarcastic does not disqualify them from being correct, and you've failed to explain why Cowherd doesn't deserve hell for refusing to be a man and simply telling his audience where the damn thing originally came from. I think their request is a million times more restrained than the response one might expect if, say, someone stole a tshirt that the owner cared about, and when confronted with irrefutable evidence that they stole it, still refused to so much as apologize.

As a point of courtesy, could you please click "Other" and give a name or handle when you post? It's best if you give an email or website address, just so that you're not giving the impression of hiding behind a wall of anonymity. We want anyone to be able to come by and comment, but it's bad form to not give even a screenname.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Aztec Warrior said...

You want a screen name try Aztec Warrior.

First of all I can read, you apparently can't listen or hear to what he said that day.

He should not have acted like a jerk, were in agreement. Your telling me you would not get defensive or be pissed if people emailed you and called you a stealer, when you said on the radio someone sent me this or I got it off the internet. Are you now calling his listeners stupid that they don't understand English.

They both claim their professionals, however no one acted like it with the intial email they sent and Cowturd's emails in return.

How could I know what intelluctal means when according to you I don't have any.

But it is professional for people to threaten to kill him with a hollow point bullet, say he has sex with little boys, and threaten to beat him up. Or is that jokes. They removed those from the website.

They are correct they should have gotten credit. He should get hell, but when people say I'm gonna kill him. I think that is going a little far don't you.

So now you can compare stealing shirts to hardwork by being intelluctal. Okay. The situation you have given an example I have been once or twice.

8:11 PM  

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