Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oh God no. What did I do to deserve this?
By John W. Schmeelk

Welcome to my nightmare.

I have to root for Terrell Owens.

Now that Bill Romanoski has retired, who was a close second, Terrell Owens is in his own galaxy when it comes to my hatred level of NFL players. We’re talking Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Pedro Martinez level of hatred. I never root for injuries, and I didn’t two seasons ago either. But when I found out Roy Williams had in fact broken Owens’ leg, let’s just say I wasn’t broken up about it. I believe my exact quote was a very sarcastic, “Oh – that’s too bad. Sorry Terrell.”

Owens is the epitome of what is wrong with the modern day athlete. The only thing he has going from him is that he works extremely hard, plays through pain and wants to win. Everything he does between the lines of the highest caliber. Everything that goes on between his ears is of the lowest caliber. He is a me-first guy who puts his selfish desires above those of the team. He bashes his teammates, even his quarterbacks, the guys that get him the ball. He does Broadway caliber productions after every score, one of those I will never forget, nor will any other Cowboys fan. He danced on our star. He showed up one of the greatest franchises in the NFL. He danced on every Cowboy fan's face. I still can’t help but smile and giggle when I see George Teague blast Owens when he tried it a second time. I hate him. Now he’s the best player on my team. He’s the player that is going to turn my team from a 9 win wild card contender, to a favorite to win the division.

And I have to root for him.

I root for the star, I root for the silver and blue. I root for the Cowboys. Terrell Owens is a Cowboy. My brother said to me yesterday he would rather see the team lose, than to see them win with Owens. Part of me thinks that. I thought that with Michael Jordan if he ever came to the Knicks. If he would have won the Knicks a title it would have been a false one. I would have been happy for Patrick, but it would have been ten times as sweet if Jordan wasn’t there. I rationalize the Cowboys somewhat differently. Football is much more of a team game, and one player, especially not a wide receiver can win a title on his own. So if Owens ever did lead Dallas to the Super Bowl (with Bledsoe I wouldn’t bet on it) it would be almost as sweet. But along the way, how much joy can I take when Owens catches a deep ball on the sidelines? When he makes a big play over the middle? Something will be missing. It won’t be the same. I hate him. Even with the star on his helmet...that won’t change.

Now that I got that out of the way, strictly from a football perspective, even with the chance of an off-field blow-up this is a no-brainer. Owens was a good soldier in his first season with Philly. He should be as well for the Cowboys. With the deal structured the way it is, if the Cowboys had to cut Owens after year one they only take a 3 million cap hit or so. Not bad at all. Plus, Owens has to at least go a season or two to rebuild his rep, if he ever wants another contract with a lot of money. Plus, Parcells has rings, Andy Reid didn’t, neither did Marriucci. That might make a difference in terms of respect for the coach.

Will he kill Bledsoe? Probably, but remember when he is upright, if you are open, Bledsoe will get you the ball accurately. And he throws a great deep ball. Owens will like that. And adding Fabini – Bledsoe will be far more protected this upcoming season. With Owens onboard, Terry Glenn and Jason Whitten will no longer see any double teams, and Julius Jones won’t have to face 8-man fronts anymore. If the O-line plays well, they can be extremely explosive. The one thing that does worry me is the lack of veteran leadership. If Owens acts up, the only guy who can really speak on behalf of the Cowboys and tell him to pipe down or else is Larry Allen. Remember what he did to Jose Cortez last year? Owens is well built, and real strong. But Larry Allen couldn’t be moved by a bulldozer. He bench presses 700 pounds. Let’s see Owens mess with him. I hope former Cowboys like Staubach, Irvin, Emmitt and Troy call Owens and make him understand what being a Cowboy means, and how it would be unwise to tarnish the star. Considering Michael Irvin’s past and his apparent buddy-buddy relationship with Owens he would be the perfect guy to talk to him about it.

As for the rest of the Cowboys offseason, you now treat the next two years as an all or nothing Super Bowl run with Parcells and Owens. If that means screwing yourself with the cap in 2009, so be it. Sign Vinatieri to kick. Bring in Julian Peterson to play outside linebacker in the 3-4, the perfect compliment to pass rusher Demarcus Ware. Bring in Marcus Coleman to play free safety. The defense is young and improving, the offense just became explosive. Go for it! Future bedamned!

Some basketball quick hits:
-Marbury is through here, in this city, and pretty much with me. But the Daily News back page Sunday didn’t make a lick of sense. Why would you want Marbury, someone who sat the entire fourth quarter to take the last shot instead of Crawford, a streak shooter who was red hot n the 4th. Marbury did the right thing, the unselfish thing, to want his teammate shoot the shot. If he demanded the ball and missed, he would have been labeled selfish and me-first. And as for his quote that he was tight, and stiff because he hadn’t played in the fourth quarter, it’s 100% accurate. And he wasn’t benched either, the back-ups were playing well – remember it was the starters that brought the team back in the game in the 3rd quarter. The media is now going to try to turn every Marbury quote into one that bashes Larry Brown, even if it is unjustified.

-Good job by Tom Izzo and his team. They made George Mason look like UCONN. They didn’t even show up. I never thought I would say that about a Tom Izzo team.

-Kansas continues to impress. Two straight years for Bill Self getting knocked out in round one of the tourney. Can we stop calling them an elite program now?

-Mid Majors are still doing well. A couple reasons: 1. Players stay four years, learn the fundamentals because of their relative lack of athleticism and learn to play with their teammates. 2. They have a lot of European players who compliment the American players well.

-Big Baby Glen Davis from LSU is fun to watch, for a guy his size he can really move. How about him taking people off the dribble? Shaq can’t do that. Love to see him and Craig Smith bang in the paint. But first LSU must get by Duke, among others, a game they can definitely win.

-If I hear one more bad Witchita State Shockers pun, I’m gonna vomit.

-I can’t imagine how insufferable prehistoric blogmaster Zach Geballe must be with Washington in the sweet sixteen. I feel for his roommate Lance Meadow, who must be missing out on his One Tree Hill re-runs so the Saurus can watch Huskies highlights.

-West Virginia and Texas will be a great sweet sixteen matchup, they haven’t even gotten there yet and I’m already looking forward to it. But it still wont be better than BC and Villanova, who will cream Arizona today. No way Nova shoots that poorly two games in a row. Enjoy your basketball today everyone!!


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