Thursday, March 23, 2006

Protect Bloggers' Rights
By Bryan Koch

I would direct you to The M Zone, a finely-run blog.

The most recent post pretty much explains the situation at hand, and the story has already been picked up on Deadspin, among other outlets. However, I think this particular issue epitomizes the ongoing struggle of the alternative sports media for legitimacy, and therefore I want to make sure it obtains everyone's attention.

The details are mostly irrelevant: In short, Colin Cowherd, a regular host on ESPN Radio, blatantly pilfered a segment posted on the aforementioned blog and passed it off as his own content. The blog provides overwhelming evidence of this transgression. As the day has unfolded, many readers have e-mailed Cowherd, demanding proper credit be given. Cowherd had directly replied to the blog's owners, effectively calling them whiners and refusing to admit of any wrongdoing.

Considering how upset I am over this, I can only imagine how these poor bloggers feel.

Check out the evidence yourself, and then e-mail to voice your opinion. The blog also recommends you contact ESPN's ombudsman.

Please help protect intellectual property - at all levels - by contacting these people. Expect to hear more on this issue from Sportszilla later on in the day.


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Email to George Solomon: sent.

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Just a quick note to say thanks for your support. We really appreciate it!

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