Monday, March 13, 2006

Red Bull New York?
By Imtiaz Mussa

I know some people who hated the New York/New Jersey MetroStars. Not because they have done absolutely nothing since MLS formed but because the name was just stupid. Just what exactly is a MetroStar? I’m sure some fans have bought the new Adidas jersey for this season but it looks like those will be collector items. The MetroStars have been sold and with that, have been renamed Red Bull New York.

Being a college student, I am very familiar with Red Bull. Whenever an all-nighter has to be pulled off, Red Bull will be consumed to provide that energy boost at three in the morning. The taste sucks but it gets the job done. Anyway, the firm that makes Red Bull has bought the team for approximately $30 million. It is the highest amount for any team in MLS history. It makes you just wonder how much D.C. United and the Los Angeles Galaxy are worth. After all, both teams have won the MLS and in the case of LA, are in a market that is crazier about the beautiful game.

Last year, Red Bull bought an Austrian Bundesliga club then known as SV Wüstenrot Salzburg a year ago. That club is now known as Red Bull Salzburg and now sits in second place and won the Austrian autumn championship. Prior to Red Bull’s purchase of the team, they were in ninth place. There are only ten teams in the league.

Can Red Bull make the team formerly known as the MetroStars into a contender for the MLS crown? Please hold while I roll on the ground in laughter. Since MLS controls transfers, there is nothing Red Bull can really do about shelling out some cash to get some quality players. Just look for Salzburg and New York to have a rivalry. And maybe Meola and Djorkaeff will be given Red Bull to have energy for matches.

Don’t Tread
I knew Clint Dempsey was one hell of a soccer player but he can rap as well? Nike had the New England Rev record a track and shoot a video as they step up their advertising campaign leading up to the World Cup in June. Dempsey takes the name the Deuce (he wears number 2 on the Revolution) and you can watch the video for “Don’t Tread” here.


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