Friday, April 28, 2006

Mario Mayhem
By Bryan Koch

Now that the Texans have chosen to pass up one of the greatest athletic talents in college football history, the entire landscape of the draft has changed. In short, Bush is the first name on the draft board of pretty much every other team.

New Orleans should be counting its blessings: Either it gets Marshall Faulk v2.0, or an impressive assortment of draft picks just to trade down a few spots and draft Hawk or Ferguson.

As a Jets fan, would I give up the #4, #35, and #71 picks for Reggie Bush?

Absolutely. I'm convinced that this guy can single-handedly change the complexion of an offense. He's exactly the kind of guy who Curtis Martin could nurture.

This whole post is a gut reaction, but the Jets ought to at least be considering a move up. Initial rumors have the Packers trading up, but anything can happen between now and noon. Either newcomers Eric Mangini and Mike Tannenbaum can stand put and follow their draft plan, or they can acquire a player who could be an all-time great.

Either way, it's fine.

But they need to at least consider the latter option.

Because Bush is ridiculous.

Just think about it.



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