Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Update: The Assault on .500
By Ben Valentine

Today was a big day for the Phillies. They had split the first two games with the Mets, and could have found themselves just a half game out of the wild card with a victory today. But they were going to need runs, as they were up against the NL’s most potent lineup with Jamie Moyer, who’s “ageless wonder” status only applies at Safeco Field. So what would that slugging third baseman Abraham Nunez contribute today?

0-3 with a BB.

Well at least he walked… right? His current line now stands at:

.189/.257/.251/.508- down from .511 on Saturday. (Rain out Sunday)

Creeping ever closer to .500. It would have dropped even further but Mets’ starter John Maine had to go mess things up by walking him with one out in the seventh inning and the Mets up 7-2. As punishment, Mets manager Willie Randolph immediately went out to the mound and yanked Maine from the game. A demotion might follow. (All kidding aside, Maine was at 108 pitches. It was the right move.)

But for those who want to see the “assault on .500” succeed for notoriety’s sake (or for comedic purposes), never fear. Nunez struck out to end the game.

As an anonymous reader points out, Nunez has actually played well, for his own standards anyway, over the last month. He actually had at .609 OPS in the month of August heading into a Monday’s game after a .572 month of July. August was the first full month he was a regular, so maybe there is a hope for him to be terrible rather than the absolute worst in baseball.

Up next the Phillies head to RFK, which has actually played favorable to hitters this year. With that awful Nats’ staff, Nunez might be able to get that OPS up a little more.

Coming up next time, in addition to seeing what Nunez has done for the night, we’ll also see how he stacks up against the worst OPS guys of the last five years with a minimum of 250 plate appearances.

So until next time, the watch continues.


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If he wasn't on my team, I'd want him to keep playing and playing and playing

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