Friday, September 01, 2006

Assault on .500: Done Swatting the Nats
By Ben Valentine

If the Philadelphia Phillies played the Washington Nationals every night, Abraham Nunez would be an all star.

Okay maybe not an all star, but a pretty solid contributor.

Thursday Nunez went 2 for 5 with a run scored, while overall posting a 5 for 13 in this series with an RBI, intentional walk and a whopping five runs scored! As I wrote a few days back, Nunez just owns Washington. Unfortunately for him, the Phillies don’t see the Nats again until the last week of September. Thus, he can’t expect a nice stat boost from their lousy rotation anytime soon.

So as it stands now, his splits through 261 plate appearances are:


He is now tied OPS wise with Homer Bush’s 2000 after starting the series at .508. I’d say he had a pretty solid three days.

So we have a dead heat as we head into the final month of baseball. Will he pull a Cristian Guzman and post an .850 OPS the rest of the way? (No joke, that’s what Guzman hit the final month of 2005) Or will he continue his way towards history?

Up next, four games at Citizen’s Bank with the Braves. This of course might actually be good for Nunez, since these aren’t your daddy’s Braves. They can score a ton, but can’t pitch to save their lives. (Which is why their playoff chances are essentially dead) For the record, Nunez has an of OPS of .551 in 17 ABs this year, so a greater improvement might be on the way. Bush’s lousy 2000 might be safe.

Finally, I direct you to a post done by Chris over at the blog “I’ve Made a Huge Tiny Mistake,” where he writes a Philly fan’s reaction to Nunez being intentionally walked Wednesday night. It’s definitely a good read, as his recap of that eighth inning and the ninth shows why it was in fact, a horrible decision. (Contrary to what I wrote yesterday, but I must have been flush with his three hit performance the night before) So check it out.

Until tomorrow, keep it up Abraham… or not.


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