Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Eagles hate Water
By Zach

Ok, so I just read Peter King's Tuesday Morning QB (not nearly as good as the real Tuesday Morning Quarterback), and in it he says that the reason the Eagles didn't go to a no-huddle on their penultimate drive of the Super Bowl is that Donovan McNabb was sick, or dehydrated, and thus almost totally unable to play...while that may explain his two late interceptions, what I don't get is what the hell the Eagles trainers were doing. Todd Pinkston was out late in the game with cramps caused by a lack of water, so that's two of the Eagles most important players out because they didn't drink enough water.

But the Eagles had extra-long breaks at the quarters and certainly at the half...you're telling me they couldn't get the guys a bottle of water...or more likely an IV? I distinctly remember guys like Joe Montana having to get them because of dehydration, so why weren't the Eagles on the ball? It'll have to remain a mystery, most likely.

Or maybe they decided to start charging their players for the Gatorade, like the 49ers...and McNabb decided he could put his game check to better use.


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