Sunday, October 09, 2005

Sportszilla's NFL Picks: Week 5
By Zach

Since I've been out all weekend, this is gonna be brief on my end. Home teams in bold.

This week:

Ben: 4-8-1
Zach: 6-6-1

Browns (-3) vs. Bears

Ben takes: Bears. The Browns are FAVORED? My preseason pick to be the second worst team in the NFL favored??? Boy, Kyle Orton looks to be real popular in Vegas. The Bears defense is too good to bet against when they’re facing such a bad team, even on the road. Wrong.

Zach takes: Browns. They're not that bad. Right.

Packers (-3) vs. Saints

Ben takes: Packers. So the Saints can win in San Antonio. That was an unknown. Back to known quantities; they’re a mediocre team on the road. The Pack aren’t that good, but they’re good enough to beat the Saints at home. Right.

Zach takes: Packers. Gotta happen one of these weeks. Right.

Jets (+3.5) vs. Bucs

Ben takes: Bucs. I hate Vinny. Why? Vinny the statistics show that outside of isolated seasons here and there, he was never more than a mediocre QB. Now Vinny is old and slow. The Jets have a beat up O-Line. The Bucs have a good D. Vinny can’t outrun defensive tackles. The over/under in this game should be how many times he ends up on the turf. I’m putting it at sixteen. Wrong.

Zach takes: Bucs. The Jets suck. Wrong.

Rams (-3) vs. Seahawks

Ben takes: Rams. As Zach can attest to, the Rams always beat the Seahawks; often in excruciating fashion. I can see it now, the teams tied late in the 4th and the Rams in 3rd and 12. Ray Rhodes sends seven and Bulger hits Sean McDonald down the seam for 30 yards. Zach curses, throws something and then vows to kill Ray Rhodes for the 500th time. Wrong.

Zach takes: Rams. Ben knows me well. Wrong. Gladly.

Patriots (+3) vs. Falcons

Ben takes: Patriots. I can’t see the Dolphins alone in first place after five weeks. I just can’t. Want real football logic to this pick? Vick always seems to struggle against good defensive schemes. Right.

Zach takes:Patriots. Vick's probably not gonna play. Right.

Bills (-3) vs. Dolphins

Ben takes: Bills. Buffalo has always been a nasty place for the Fish to play. It’s one of the things I subscribe to; always take the Bills or Jets when Miami plays them on the road. Be warned though; it isn’t December so this isn’t a lock. I don’t have faith in Kelly Holcomb, but at home the Bills should do enough to take this one. Right.

Zach takes: Dolphins. The Fins get lucky, play at New York and at Buffalo before the weather turns. Wrong.

Lions (-1) vs. Ravens

Ben takes: Lions Baltimore stinks. They’re one of the worst teams in football. As good as their defense is, their offense is just as bad. I can’t justify taking a team like this on the road getting just one point. The Lions, unlike the Jets, aren’t going to tie their QB’s hands behind his back before the start of this one. Right.

Zach takes: Lions. Though maybe they should tie Harrington's hands for this one. Right.

Texans (-3) vs. Titans

Ben takes: Texans. A hypothetical; would you donate your body in the ring for 90 seconds with Mike Tyson for 20 million dollars? A similar hypothetical; would you take David Carr’s large contract to line up under center behind the Texans offensive line for 16 games, knowing you’re going to take the beating of your life every week? Two bad teams here. Go with the home bad team. Wrong.

Zach takes: Titans. The Texans suck. The Titans don't suck as bad. Right.

49ers (+16) vs. Colts

Ben takes: 49ers. Forget the two teams playing. Forget Alex Smith is making his first ever start. Forget the Colts offense finally woke up last week. The Colts essentially need to beat Niners by THREE scores to cover. My overall record may stink, but I’ve been right so far this year picking against two score lines and wrong the one time I went with the favorite. Take the Niners and the points. Wrong.

Zach takes: 49ers. The 49ers are fiesty at home. Wrong.

Cardinals (+3) vs. Panthers

Ben takes: Cardinals. After his 385 yard performance last week south of the border, I lobbied to Zach for Cardinals’ QB Josh McCown to legally change his name to “Ron Mexico”. Back in the states for this one, Ron won’t disappoint. A week after burying the Cards, I’m jumping back on the bandwagon. A mobile QB who doesn’t hold on the ball forever can do wonders for an offense. Wrong.

Zach takes: Cardinals. Wrong.

Cowboys (+3.5) vs. Eagles

Ben takes: Eagles. I wanted to pick against Philly. I really did. But Dallas isn’t that good and even at home, 3.5 points isn’t enough for me to go against the clearly better team. I mean is Dallas a better team than KC? Probably not and the Eagles handled them in a harder place to play. Go with Philly. Wrong.

Zach takes: Eagles. Wrong.

Broncos (-7) vs. Redskins

Ben takes: Broncos.Two teams I thought poorly of who consistently prove me wrong. The Skins should have lost last weekend while the Broncos romped in Jacksonville. The Skins have played close games all year. The Broncos haven’t played one yet. Something’s got to give. I’ll take the tremendous home field and Mike Shanahan’s ego (proving how right he was in dealing Clinton Portis) and pick Denver for the first time all season. Now watch, I’ll get burned again by the large spread. Wrong.

Zach takes: Redskins. This is why I hate the NFL. Right.

Jaguars (-3) vs. Bengals

Ben takes: Bengals. Jacksonville has all the makings of a team which is impossible to read. Good defense, sporadic offense. A play here and there is all that determines whether they win or not, let alone cover. The Bengals are good enough to win in Florida. Give me the points and expect another close slugfest in this one. Push.

Zach takes: Bengals. I've been on the bandwagon all year. Don't expect that to change. Push.

Chargers (-3) vs. Steelers

Ben takes: Steelers. San Diego went from potential disappointment to world beaters in a mere two weeks. I didn’t think they were as bad as they were playing and I don’t think they’re as good as they played the last two weeks. I’ll take the three and go with the Steelers, figuring strong armed Big Ben can make plays against a questionable Charger secondary.

Zach takes: Chargers.

Last week:

Ben: 6-8
Zach: 3-11


Ben: 16-24-1
Zach: 16-24-1


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