Thursday, March 16, 2006

Random Thoughts on the First Day of the NCAA Tournament
By Blogger

- In those NCAA Student-Athlete commercials, the ones shot in black and white and slow motion, I want them to tell us which schools these people attended. I mean, if you were a swimmer at Stanford, that’s very different from being a swimmer at Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Swimmers at Stanford get groupie love.

- Why are games played in Utah every year?

- It’s 11:50am on Thursday, and I’ve yet to have a Jim Nantz sighting. For some reason, I’m not okay with this.

- My old roommate, and friend of Sportszilla, Aaron has a patented NCAA Tournament Pose. When something mildly interesting happens in a game, Aaron stands up, approaches the television, goes into a slight crouch, grins maniacally, and murmurs, “Maaaaadness!”

- I know that Bucknell is actually pretty good.

- However, I also can’t shake the feeling that I picked them to go to the Sweet Sixteen in my completely-for-entertainment-purposes-only bracket just because I like to say, “Bucknell”.

- The Pac Ten never gets respect. Seriously. The football issues are well-documented, but in basketball, it’s nearly as bad. In the past eleven years, Arizona and UCLA have won national championships. Stanford has been a one seed. Washington has been a one seed. RESPECT, dammit.

- My guess on the number of “shocker” jokes on network TV during the next two weeks: 7.

- Number of those that will be sexual in nature: 0. Let’s laugh at old people.

- Are you ready for the Masters? I am. I can’t think of anything else... What? Stop pummeling me! Help! Constable!

- My favorite aspect of the early rounds is how, without fail, neutral-site crowds support the underdog. Just you watch. When Bucknell goes ahead of Memphis, 56-54 late in the second half, the arena will be crackling with energy.

- Wow. Have you seen the Gatorade Rain commercial with Kevin Garnett emerging from a venus flytrap? Does he get a bonus for every surreal spot that makes you want to cry?

- Does Michael Doleac wake up every morning and think to himself, “I was the man. Bitches, cash, glory. I had it all...”?

- Most underrated moment of the 1996 Tourney... Right before John Wallace made his tremendous half-court inbound pass, the announcers were talking about how he’d have to make a quarterback-like toss, and then pointed out that Donovan McNabb was sitting on Syracuse’s bench.

- I have to be at work in the afternoon, so I’m waiting for the moment when one of my buddies will call me to give a play by play account of some shocking upset in the making. In fact, since I did that for my friends when I had the Best Schedule of All Time my senior year at NYU and was able to watch an inordinate number of early-round games, I expect it from you guys.

- Is there any phrase more spine-tingling than, “And now it’s a TWO point game!”?

- One of the girls in our completely-for-entertainment-purposes-only bracket pool chose George Mason to win it all. We’ve asked, and she’s not sharing.

- God help those of you saddled with Kevin Harlan’s play by play. The guy finished third in last year’s Marv Albert Soundalike Contest and is the worst perpetrator of the dreaded Announcer’s Voice this side of Gary Thorne.

- Never, ever, ever bet against Tom Izzo. Michigan State's making a run... until they hit UConn.

- LET'S GO PACIFIC!!! Update: Ahhhh, crap.


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HEHEHEH so true about Kevin Harlan.


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