Friday, July 14, 2006

Consensus Reaction to Reds/Nats Trade: WTF?!?!
By Blogger

If there's anything to the "wisdom of crowds", then Wayne Krivsky looks like a guy who had his pants stolen by a seagull. Clearly, we're not alone in thinking this was one of the all-time dumbest moves, as we take a look at reaction from around the sports blogosphere to the Day Jim Bowden Robbed the Reds...

Red Reporter -- "So I've thought about it, and I can honestly say that this is the worst trade the Reds have made in my lifetime."

Redleg Nation -- "I take back everything good I’ve ever said about Reds GM Wayne Krivsky. Jim Bowden robbed Krivsky today. This is very disappointing. Can anyone defend this trade?" -- "The Reds basically just conceded the NL Central to the Cardinals, or at the very least, to a team that isn't them. I feel bad for them. How does a team make a trade where the three best players involved all go one way?"

Complete Sports -- "Stock up on canned goods. Yes folks, go out right now. Buy a generator as well while you're out. What's the occasion? Well, not only did Jim Bowden get the better end of a deal, he absolutely fleeced the Reds today."

Federal Baseball -- "...why this trade? Why deal two out of the main three cogs in his team's lineup (Lopez and Kearns are one-two in at-bats, though Adam Dunn's walks push Kearns to a close third in plate appearances)---including his starting shortstop---for an immediate return of two middle relievers, a middling shortstop, and a ultility infielder who, for all we know, might become as familiar with the International League as he has with the Pacific Coast League?"

BTF and more BTF -- "What else can be said about this trade? I’ve heard some talk about a Kearns trade this morning, but I never envisioned the horror that was unleashed by Wayne Krivsky on Cincinnati fans..." and, "Now it's true if Austin Kearns is your best player then you don't have a great team. But the solution to that problem isn't to trade your best player for middle relievers it's to go get better players."

Dissent Into Madness (GREAT blog title, btw) -- "Is Reds GM Wayne Krivsky serious? Doing whippits?"

Mike's Rants -- "I cannot see how this trade helps the Reds now or in the future. I can't possibly see what they think they got out of the trade."

Athletics Nation (diary) -- "Unless Kearns and Lopez are avian flu carriers, I don't understand this deal from the Reds' perspective at all."

McCovey Chronicles (diary) -- "I'm convinced that pharmaceuticals contributed to the decision-making here."

Minor League Ball (diary) -- "Did Felipe Lopez kick Krivisky's baby or something? This makes no sense."

The Cutting Edge -- "Excuse while I go vomit. And curse and swear. And vomit some more."

Now, the MSM...

Ken Rosenthal ( -- "Upon learning of the deal, one rival general manager was dumbfounded."

Tracy Ringolsby (Rocky Mountain News, and possibly the only guy who seems to think the Reds did the right thing in this situation...) -- "Clayton was important to the Reds because they had to replace Lopez at shortstop, but Krivsky said he also thinks Clayton, 36, will provide a mature influence for talented second baseman Brandon Phillips."

Ben Sanders (Peru Tribune) -- "Fascinating. You mean players who play nine innings day in and day out are more valuable than those who pitch the sixth inning every other game? Someone should inform the good folks in Cincinnati of this breakthrough in baseball strategy before they trade away Ken Griffey and Adam Dunn too. Even Reds GM Wayne Krivsky, the man who made the deal, seemed to realize he had just done something that will appear bizarre and stupid to anyone with the slightest understanding of baseball."

Jim Massie (Columbus Dispatch) -- "The deal distressed Ken Griffey Jr. and Adam Dunn enough that both declined to comment about the deal. The two were especially close to Kearns."


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