Sunday, March 13, 2005

Utah State
By Zach

Ladies and Gentlemen, the latest member of the 2005 NCAA Tournament, the Utah State Aggies:

Quick thoughts:

Great of Utah State to get in a year after they were probably the 66th team in a 65 team field. To be fair, if they'd only done this in the tournament last year, they'd have spared themselves a lot of anguish. I don't think they're a big threat, unless JC Carroll plays like this a few more times.

Pacific, on the other hand, looked like a team that had heard it was in no matter what a few too many times. Both they and Utah didn't really seem to play with the kind of urgency you might have seen had either the Big West or Mountain West been a one-bid conference no matter what. I wouldn't put a ton of stock in this loss, and I'd of course be stunned if Pacific wasn't in the tournament. They're probably still a 10-11 seed, in my mind.


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