Thursday, October 13, 2005

Around the World in 18 Thoughts
By Zach

1. AJ was out. If that really was Doug Eddings' strike mechanic, he needs to get it tuned up.

2. Sadly for the Halos, they were losing that game anyway. Just a hunch.

3. Meanwhile, the Cardinals apparently beat the Astros.

4. Of course, since the game was at the same time, and on the same network, as the Angels-White Sox game, I couldn't see it.

5. Major League Baseball needs to rethink this whole partnership with FOX. I mean, what has it provided us? Scooter, Tim McCarver, playoff games starting at 11 pm, mid-game interviews with managers who couldn't be more bland if their names were Vanilla McBeige, splitting the country up into separate audiences, that hideous Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes bit with Vlad Guerrero during Game 4 of the, more exposure to Joe Buck's mammoth forehead. Seriously, I think he can get satellite TV on that thing.

6. Meanwhile, the New York Jets won with Vinny Testerverde. I don't think I need a joke.

7. Because of so many previous bad experiences, I decided to stay home and not watch the Seahawks-Rams game this past weekend. Well, now I've got a dilemma. I stayed home, they won...what does that mean I should do this weekend. Plus, this is complicated by the fact that the Seahawks play on Sunday Night Football.

8. The Seahawks might legitimately be the best team in the NFC right now.

9. Or they might be the fifth-best. Oh, that crazy NFC.

10. Meanwhile, my favorite recurring bit of humor in the NFL this season has been the way people react after each Patriot game. If they win, the Dynasty is still going fine. If they lose, the sky is falling. How about we wait until they've played more that 5 games before we make a decision?

11. Oh boy, sleep...that's where I'm a Viking. Apparently, Ralph Wiggum was into some kinky stuff as a kid.

12. USC-Notre Dame should be a great game. People who complain about USC's schedule don't realize how tough the Pac-10 is. The Trojans have already beaten Arizona State and Oregon, will have to take on Cal and UCLA, as well as the tradtional game with the Irish. If they finish 12-0, there should be no argument they belong in the Rose Bowl.

13. Speaking of which, while I'm not a big Penn State fan, I'll be pulling for them for the rest of the year. While I, like most people, thought Joe Paterno should have resigned, the truth of the matter is after several years of hideous matchups in the Granddaddy of Them All, I'm dying for a Pac-10/Big-10 matchup.

14. UW may still only have one win this year, but I've been pleased by and large with their play. Unlike last year, they actually have the talent to stay in games, and sometimes as a young team you have to lose the close ones before you can start winning them.

15. The Sonics opened their preseason yesterday, losing to the Trailblazers. The big question is, after an entire offseason to recover, why is Vlad Radmanovic still having problems with his foot?

16. Still, after last year and this offseason, I'm pumped for the Supes. The Northwest Division is their's to lose, in my opinion.

17. Amare Stoudemire's injury, coupled with their losses in the offseason, leads me to believe that the Suns could be a big disappointment this year. I see them struggling to even make the playoffs.

18. Lastly, good luck to Ben with his recovery. I know the Yankees loss and the Trinidad win have helped you in the healing process.


Blogger David Arnott said...

1) Instant replay. It's coming. Which sucks, because, as Mark Kreidler pointed out, it just shifts the uncertainty to whether or not they should use replay and so on.

5) I figured out the worst thing about Joe Buck: he sounds bored as hell. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe it's just his cadence, but it's annoying as hell and bothers me to no end that the only time he ever actually sounded excited was when Randy Moss did his fake moon.

15) I can't believe it. The impossible has happened. The Warriors have sucked me in. I never thought an NBA team could do that, but I was legitimately upset when I heard that Diogu broke a bone in his hand, especially because buried in the story was a reference to how he never actually learned how to move without the ball in college and he was struggling in camp; the whole strategy at ASU revolved around him sitting on the block and not much else. The Rich Man's Adonal Foyle!!!

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