Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sportszilla's NFL Picks: Week 8
By Zach

Yeah, it's that time again, time for Sportszilla's NFL Picks. God, I suck at this. I mean, uhhhh. Yeah. As always, home teams are bolded.

This week:

Ben: 7-7
Zach: 5-9

Giants -2 vs. Washington

Ben: Washington. I’ve never believed in "winning one for the Gipper” as one might say, so I have a hard time believe the Giants will play a better game to honor their long time owner Wellington Mara. I figure this one will be a typical, hard nosed affair, with points being somewhat hard to come by. So I’ll take them whenever given, and the Skins. Wrong.

Zach: Giants. Besides the potential that Mara's death might in some way inspire the troops, I've got to think that with the two teams so even (in my mind, at least), I have to go with the home team. Right.

Bengals -8 vs. Packers

Ben: Packers. This week sucks for me. So many big lines. I think the Bengals are plenty better than Green Bay, but I also hate giving lots of points to Brett Farve, who you know will probably still throw for three TDs even if the Pack lose. Besides, the Bengals haven’t exactly been friendly to me with covers this year; the Pack have been. Cincy will probably win, but I’ll take the points. Right.

Zach: Bengals. Cincinnati's biggest defensive weakness has been against the run, but the Packers have a poor offensive line and a third string running back. Plus, their defense sucks. I've got to believe they're gonna blow the Pack out. Wrong.

Lions -3 vs. Bears

Ben: Bears. Yes, Joey Harrington was bad. But on the other hand, Jeff Garcia was cut by a team that is currently starting Trent Dilfer, who is a bad quarter away from losing his job to a rookie who went to Akron, who may or may not be related to the main character from the late great TV series Futurama. I’d take Bears defense and the points even if Dr. Zoidberg were starting at QB for them. Right.

Zach: Bears. First, Ben is underestimating Dr. Zoidberg as a quarterback. He's got surprising arm strength, and the ability to scuttle out of trouble. Plus, the ink pouch can be used to blind oncoming blitzers. That being said, the Lions are not very good. Neither are the Bears, but they've got a very strong defense. Right.

Panthers -8 vs. Vikings

Ben: Panthers. Much like the Rams or Saints, I refuse to pick the Vikings outdoors. They stink on grass. It would take a two touchdown spread for me not take the Panthers here, no matter how up and down they’ve been. Right.

Zach: Panthers. The Vikings won't be able to run the ball at all. When that happens, Dante throws picks, which mean easy scores and a big lead for the Cats. Right.

Titans +1.5 vs. Raiders

Ben: Raiders. A road favorite! Get a good look because you won’t be seeing many of these this week. The Raiders aren’t a great team, but they’re solid enough offensively to get it done against a bad Titans team. Besides, the Raiders have played fairly well on the road this season. Right.

Zach: Raiders. Tennessee has struggled defensively all year. With Lamont Jordan getting used properly, and Kerry Collins becoming more comfortable with Randy Moss, this one could get ugly. Fast. Right.

Cowboys -9 vs. Cardinals

Ben: Cardinals. Ah, one of those lines where the record trumps actual performance this season. The Boys aren’t exactly an offensive machine, so nine points are tough to lie against anyone. The Cardinals won and covered last week despite Ron Mexico looking like a bad Mike Vick. Since McCown survived being yanked in that one, I’ll take them again here, hoping Kurt Warner doesn’t see the light of day anymore this season. By the way, as Rotoworld accurately points out, Dennis Green’s only wins as Cardinals coach have come with McCown as his starter. You’d think he’d just leave the kid in by now. Wrong.

Zach: Cardinals. One of my iron-clad rules in the NFL is that the Arizona Cardinals, come hell or high water, will suck. This year is no exception. But another rule is that when a team suffers brutal losses, like the Cowboys did last week, they usually struggle the rest of the way. Considering Dallas has already blown two late leads, I've got a feeling Bill Parcells will be doing more than hitting his assistant coaches during this one. Wrong.

Texans -2 vs. Browns

Ben: Browns. I will not pick a winless team without getting points. While the Texans schedule is not so favorable for those dreaming of an 0-16 season, the Browns have shown enough this season to warrant being picked here. Romeo of all people should be able to generate some pressure on David “I just got run over again by a” Carr. Wrong.

Zach: Browns. The Texans might be the worst team in NFL history. The Browns are merely mediocre. Wrong.

Saints -2 vs. Dolphins

Ben: Saints. I’ve noticed a trend in my picks. I won’t pick dome teams on the road, but like them at home. Well the Saints aren’t in a dome this week, but I think the bottom’s fallen out from under the Fish. When there’s talk of Sage Rosenfelds of becoming your QB, you earn an automatic “pick against”. (Unless you’re playing the Texans) Wrong.

Zach: Saints. I agree with Ben, the terrible QB play for Miami will doom them. Wrong.

Rams +3.5 vs. Jaguars

Ben: Jags. The Rams received the best news possible this week when they learned coach Mike Martz probably will not be back next season. Problem is, this week they don’t have Marc Bulger, Issac Bruce or Torry Holt. Oh yeah, and their mediocre offensive line is going up against one of the most physical teams in the league. The Jags have burned me a ton this year, and I hate picking against a dome team at home, but the Rams are just too undermanned to pull this one out. Wrong.

Zach: Jaguars. I really hate the Rams. I think the Jaguars are one of the better teams in the AFC, and might be able to sneak up and beat out the Colts in the South if things break right. Wrong.

Chargers -6 vs. Chiefs

Ben: Chargers. The Chargers are a damn good football team. In fact, they might be the second best team in the AFC, despite what their record says. Look for LT to bounce back and dominate that porous Chiefs defense. The Chiefs meanwhile have been inconsistent all year. They can beat up on bad teams on the road (see Miami) or decent teams at home, but I have no confidence in them on the road against a good team. Right.

Zach: Chiefs. This is a must-win game for the Chargers. Yet, when was the last time a Marty Schottenheimer team actually won a must-win game? Wrong.

49ers +11 vs. Buccaneers

Ben: Buccaneers. Former University of Miami and Ben Valentine favorite Ken Dorsey is starting for the Niners. Hooray! Now people can think he sucks even more as he gets leveled time and time again by Bucs defenders. After last week’s debacle against Washington, I don’t think I’ll be able to pick the Niners again all season. Well maybe against the Texans week 17. By the way, at this point in time Dorsey is a better QB than Alex Smith. Yes, the former Utah star is just that bad. Wrong.

Zach: 49ers. They're frisky at home. And Chris Simms is a worse quarterback then Ken Dorsey. No way he should be getting two touchdowns. Right.

Broncos -3.5 vs. Eagles

Ben: Broncos. I hate taking the Broncos here. Their secondary is beat up and the Eagles do nothing but throw. But we all know they’re a different team in Mile High. The Eagles somehow stopped LT last week after looking miserable against the run all year, yet still should have lost the game. The Broncos on the other hand, can run against any one. So I’ll take them here. Right.

Zach: Eagles. God, the Broncos (who I don't believe in) face another team (the Eagles) I don't buy. Philly's run defense is actually pretty damn good, and after a heartbreaking loss to the Giants, I see the Broncos crashing and burning like every other year. Wrong.

Patriots -8 vs. Bills

Ben: Bills. The Bills aren’t a good team. But I refuse to take the Pats when surrendering any more than five points. No matter how dominant they’ve been, they always play close games. So, I’m going to say a less than dominant Pats team, which is stubbornly trying to throw the ball all the time will play into Buffalo’s strength which is their pass defense, thus winning but failing to cover. Right.

Zach: Patriots. The Bills can't move the ball, will be on the road against an amped-up team. Plus, Bill Belichick's had two weeks to prepare. Um, I'll take an angry Pats team. Wrong.

Steelers -8 vs. Ravens

Ben: Steelers. Can Baltimore ever be taken seriously as long as they have Anthony Wright/Kyle Boller at QB? Quoth the Raven: “Never More.” Wrong.

Zach: Steelers. What a terrible MNF game. I bet Madden and Michaels are drunk in the booth by the third quarter. Wrong.

Last week:

Ben: 9-5
Zach: 6-8


Ben: 33-36-1
Zach: 27-42-1


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