Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Big News
By Zach

Folks, it's rare that I get to make an announcement this exciting, this anticipated. In the long, illustrious history of Sportszilla and the Jabber Jocks, we've never managed to snag a writer with this kind of repuatation, this array of skills. He's run his own blog, Veni Vidi Vixi. He came out of the womb with a keyboard in one hand and a copy of the 1983 Baseball Prospectus in the other. He's the one, the only...David Arnott. Here are the vital stats:

David Arnott ("Dead Teddy"):

*From - San Francisco, CA

*Age - 22

*Favorite teams - San Francsico Giants, Golden State Warriors, maybe the San Francisco 49ers, University of California, Stanford

*Favorite players - Roberto Clemente, Adam Dunn

*Most hated - Los Angeles Dodgers (though I root for Paul DePodesta to stick it to his detractors), New York Yankees, Joe McEwing, Joe Buck

*Best sports memories - I was there when the Giants clinched the NL pennant in 1989. I was there when Bobby Bonds cleared the left field bleachers at Candlestick in an Old Timers game. I was watching on tv when Brian Johnson hit his September game-winner in 1997. I was there for one of the games when Bonds came back after his father's death and singlehandedly beat the braves in three straight.

*Worst sports memory - I was watching on tv when Aaron Boone hit his home run in 2003. I nearly cried as I explained to my dad over the phone that this meant another year of the status quo, of money winning out and hopelessness extending to all but a few teams and their fans.

I think I speak for the entire Sportszilla crew when I say: Welcome aboard David!


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