Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sportszilla's NFL Picks: Week 9
By Zach

Picks, again. Since I finished this just minutes before the early games kicked off, I didn't have time to write much. As always, home teams are in bold.

This Week:

Ben: 7-5-2
Zach: 7-5-2

Vikings +3 vs Lions

Ben: Lions. The NFC North is terrible. In favor of generating interest in this game, the NFL should mandate the two teams start their third string QBs, Dan Orlovsky for the Lions and WR Koren Robinson for the Vikings. I mean, who wouldn’t watch to see what Koren could do? (Orlovsky starts to make it more even) Seriously though, if Daunte were playing, I’d take the Vikes. But Brad Johnson was done three years ago. Not even Joey Harrington can scare me off. Wrong.

Zach: Lions. Coming up next on FOX...guys who shouldn't be starting at quarterback lead their teams into battle! Harrington...Johnson...NEXT!!! Wrong.

Jets +6 vs. Chargers

Ben: Chargers. Speaking of done three years ago, Vinny Testaverde is still the Jets’ starting QB. As I said two weeks ago, I won’t take the Jets the rest of the year as long as Vinny is starting for them. Oh yeah and San Diego is football’s best team right now. Trap game? Possibly. But like I said, do you really believe Vinny can win the Jets this game (Reminder, he has yet to throw a TD pass this season)? Wrong.

Zach: Chargers. The Jets are not that good. Well, especially Vinny. Plus, you've got to figure the Chargers are gonna get over .500 sometime. Wrong.

Browns -3 vs. Titans

Ben: Titans. The Browns are in the dog house after losing to the horrible Texans. Still waiting on Charlie Frye at starting QB. Meanwhile, Reuben Droughns is still waiting for a red zone carry, despite being one of the better backs in the league this season between the 20’s. Maybe that’s why they lost to the Texans. Meanwhile the Titans are a bad bunch, but they’ve played close and hard all year. I’ll take my chances with them. Oh and the Browns lost to the Texans. Wrong.

Zach: Titans. Wrong.

Chiefs -4 vs. Raiders

Ben: Raiders. The Raiders are a mediocre football team, but they match up well offensively with the Chiefs. Yeah, I know, everyone does. I figure this one will be a high scoring affair and the Chiefs haven’t impressed me in games where the teams can score with them. Push.

Zach: Chiefs. Push.

Saints +3 vs. Bears

Ben: Bears. The Saints are at home yes, but they’re outside. We saw what that did for them last week. The Bears D will make a turnover prone Saints offense pay. That’s about all there is to say about this one, so I’ll discuss an observation from this week; isn’t amazing how many home dogs there are? And the home favorites aren’t particularly appealing either. Of course, since home field is so big in the NFL, one has to figure this week will have a lot of upsets. Push.

Zach: Bears. Push.

Ravens +3 vs. Bengals

Ben: Bengals. The Ravens ruined my chance at back to back over .500 weeks in picks. On the bright side, their feisty play earned them a closer line against the Bengals. The Bengals D hasn’t been great, but it’s been a turnover generating machine. This week they meet the great Anthony Wright. Should be fun. Right.

Zach: Bengals. Right.

Buccaneers +1.5 vs. Panthers

Ben: Panthers. I learned my lesson with Chris Simms. Incredibly Tim Rattay has now been the best quarterback on two teams this season and is not starting for either. Yet. The Simms era ends here. But not in time to save Tampa in this one. Right.

Zach: Panthers. Right.

Jaguars -12 vs. Texans

Ben: Texans. That’s right the Texans. Yes! The Texans. No, I haven’t completely lost my mind. The Jags have played close games all season. Their offense doesn’t put up enough points to blow anyone out. And they’ve burned me numerous times this year. The Texans will lose and David Carr will get hit. But it wouldn’t surprise me for them to lose by 10 or less. Right.

Zach: Texans. Right.

Dolphins +2 vs. Falcons

Ben: Falcons. I don’t think highly of the Falcons. I don’t love their D and I have little respect for Mike Vick in their west coast offense. But they’re most likely a playoff team and playoff teams beat terrible teams like the Dolphins. Miami is bad folks. Nick Saban has done a good job, but they just don’t have much offensive talent. Right.

Zach: Falcons. Right.

Niners +9.5 vs. Giants

Ben: Niners. Shows how much you can trust me. Last week I said I probably wouldn’t take the Niners the rest of the year. Well I just hate the Giants on the road. They haven’t shown me anything yet away from Giants stadium, so until they do, I won’t pick them. By the way, Cody Pickett is not the worst starting QB in the NFL this week. Chris Simms is still worse. Wrong.

Zach: Giants. Right.

Cardinals +4 vs. Seahawks

Ben: Seahawks. Zach has requested that to avoid confusion, I refer to Josh McCown as “Josh Mexico” rather than “Ron”. Not seeing any real reason to disagree that will be his designation from now on. Currently that is also followed by “second string QB”. I’d have picked the Hawks anyway, but seeing Kurt Warner is back at QB just makes it even easier. Seriously, is the NFL a charity for old, washed up QBs? Right.

Zach: Seahawks. As I've said many times, my first, and last, rule of the NFL is that the Cardinals suck. Right.

Packers +6 vs. Steelers

Ben: Packers. Charlie Batch. Six point spread. Still want to take the Steelers? Wrong.

Zach: Steelers. Yes. Right.

Redskins -2.5 vs. Eagles

Ben: Redskins. Talk about getting burned. The Skins sucked me into believing they were for real and then got torched six ways from Sunday by a Giants team I don’t think is that good. But the Eagles don’t have T.O. and McNabb is hurt. Somewhere in Wisconsin, Eagles fan Rachel Steinberg is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I hope there are no tall buildings in Madison. Right.

Zach: Eagles. Wrong.

Patriots +3 vs. Colts

Ben: Colts. Yeah, yeah, the Colts playing in New England. I won’t subscribe to the longest running joke in the NFL. The Patriots aren’t the same team anymore. Thanks to Tom Brady’s ego, they throw the ball way too much. You don’t beat the Colts by throwing. By the way, people are saying how this is a big game for the Colts. I disagree. They’re pretty much got home field locked up anyway. This game is huge for the Patriots. If the Pats don’t bother to run the ball this week against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL, they won’t all season. And that means they’ll be lucky to get to 10 wins. Right.

Zach: Patriots. I wanted to take the Colts (well, not really). Ok, I thought I should take the Colts. But, I gotta take one last shot with the champs. Wrong.

Last Week:

Ben: 7-7
Zach: 5-9


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