Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Like It, I Love It
By Blogger

Two weeks ago, I wrote a song attempting to make fun of the whole Tim McGraw "I like it, I love it" deal on Monday Night Football. How did it turn out? Let's just say, boom goes the dynamite.

But then, Monday evening, my old NYU roommate, close friend of the Sportszilla crew, and producer at Fox Sports Madison, Aaron Goldhammer, gave me a call and asked for my help writing lyrics for a parody version of McGraw's song which he was to sing on the Steve and Craig Show. Obviously, he hadn't listened to my previous attempt at sports musical humor.

But he's my friend, and so I obliged. He has graciously allowed me to post the fruit of our labor here. I present to you, dear reader, an NFL parody of "I Like It, I Love It", sung, a capella, by Aaron Goldhammer.


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