Monday, May 29, 2006

By Blogger

Two years and a month ago, Pat Tillman was killed in Afghanistan. Suddenly, those of us who approached sports from a relatively apolitical angle were confronted by wider current events. Several of the other Sportszillans and I were working on a sports talk show at New York University called the Cheap Seats. We saw the coverage of Tillman's death, with liberal use of the word "hero", and, instead of allowing our show to veer into a war discussion, we decided to reflect upon our own heroes. This Memorial Day, I want to revisit those reflections, and perhaps spur you on to reflect similarly.

When you click the link below, the piece we aired that day should open in a new window. It was prefaced and concluded live in-studio by Aaron Goldhammer, and Lance Medow provided the recorded introduction. The other voices, in order, belong to: David Arnott, Rachel Steinberg, Peter Schwartz, Zachary Geballe, and Imtiaz Mussa. The music is "Morning Is The Long Way Home" by Leo Kottke, from his album, One Guitar, No Vocals.



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