Thursday, July 20, 2006

All Star Game 2007: Terrible Timing
By Blogger

For those of you who don't live in the Bay Area, you are forgiven if you didn't know MLB's 2007 All Star Game will be in San Francisco. The Midsummer Exhibition Game (that counts) hasn't been in my hometown since 1984, when my one and a half year old self slept through Fernando Valenzuela and Dwight Gooden striking out six straight American Leaguers. Rumor and innuendo have it that the game hasn't been held in San Francisco since the new ballpark was built, even though it's usually considered one of the two or three most beautiful parks in the game, because Bud Selig was sticking it to the team for funding construction privately; it's a terrible precedent you know, not holding a community hostage for tens of millions of dollars.

Well, good ol' Bud has put himself in a bit of a pickle, you see. He held out on giving San Francisco an All Star Game for as long as he could without looking too petty, but in doing so he inadvertently scheduled the most super high profile midseason game right where the shadows of the BALCO case loom largest (he could have held out another year, but decided to set a "bold" precedent of his own by scheduling two straight NL parks in a row... but, since this time it "counts", isn't that giving the NL an unfair advantage?).

Zach, Ben, and I have discussed PEDs before, and I can't imagine we won't still be thinking about PED implications come 2007, let alone the mainstream media, which will almost certainly have a field day writing obligatory "the bright lights are on the jewel by the bay, but everyone is really thinking about a strip mall in Burlingame" stories. God help Jason Giambi if he makes the team, or anyone else who has been connected to PED use. I predict more than the usual suspicious "injuries" used as an excuse to stay away from the game, especially if the Bonds indictment comes down today.

Anyway, since my view all along has been that all pro sports are now tainted, I have no problem lampooning MLB and its certainly insufficient drug policy. Inspired by this thread on McCoveyChronicles, I've made a parody of the 2007 ASG logo. You can look at the original here.


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