Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Not so Super Sonic
By Zach

So I was at the most recent SuperSonics game tonight (versus Philly). We lost 114-107. That was disappointing. So was the team not shooting well. Or playing defense. Whatever. The worst part was the halftime entertainment. It was these four middle-aged guys playing "deuling pianos," which really meant crappy 60s songs played too fast and sung really poorly. So that was bad enough. Then, two of the guys tried to get the crowd singing. Yeah. Right. Then, the worst moment of the entire evening. They started "rapping" "Baby Got Back." Yes. That would be a rap song about liking the ass. Rapped by 4 white guys in their 40s. They got booed. In Seattle. It was both embarressing to witness, and also fun.


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