Friday, November 11, 2005

Peter Vescey Sucks...and so do the Sonics
By Zach

I'm not talking about the Sonics. I can't. It makes me too sick to my stomach.

But Peter Vescey. Boy, he's a terrible columnist. His latest piece of garbage is a column about how the Knicks are shopping Stephon Marbury(registration required). While that may be true, what bothers me is the fact that Vescey just engages in baseless speculation about who a trde partner might be. Remember, anyone aquiring Marbury would not only have to deal with all the nonsense Marbury brings to the table on the court, but would have to both be willing to pay his salary and be able to match it in the trade.

Vescey suggests that the Raptors, Sonics, Hawks, Magic, Timberwolves, and Heat might be potential trade partners. I won't bother examining whether any other team could make a deal, let me make one thing clear. If Vescey (or one of his editors) would have bothered to look at he would have realized that the Sonics can't trade for Marbury, at least without trading Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis. Since both guys are better than Marbury, I don't see that happening. Beyond that, the Sonics would have to trade their next four highest paid players (Danny Fortson, Vitaly Potapenko, Vladimir Radmanovic, Damien Wilkins) just to even get close to Marbury's salary.

This is why I hate so many columnists. If you want to throw rumors out there, at least make sure that they're actually possible. Otherwise, you look like an idiot. Or, in Vescey's case, like yourself.


Blogger The Armchair Quarterback said...

I have actually never read his stuff but I remember what an ass he was when he used to do national broadcasts as an analyst.

1:32 AM  

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