Thursday, February 23, 2006

Garden Dreams
By Zach

Since I’m free of the burden of being a Knick fan, I can approach the Steve Francis trade from a position of detached interest. The foremost thought in my mind is that under a different coach, New York could be at the very least a fun team to watch. With Marbury, Francis, Crawford, Robinson, and Richardson, they’ve got a lot of athletic guards who can push the tempo. If Larry Brown would turn them loose to attack and play an up-temp, 1980s style of ball, I have a feeling Knick fans would be more pleased.

Picture scores regularly in the 120s. Well, that’s the case now, but at least the Knicks would also be putting up a lot of points. Much like the Phoenix Suns revitalized fast-break basketball last season, the Knicks could further the revolution. It would be fitting, considering how much damage the Blue and Orange did to basketball under Jeff Van Gundy.

Sadly, Brown is the exact wrong coach for this team. He’ll insist on defensive output from a group of scorers, and he’ll restrict their creativity and freedom on offense. Clearly, as he’s aged, Brown has forgotten where he got his start as a coach: the free-wheeling ABA. Maybe he can crank up the WayBack Machine, pull his old outfits out of the closet, and let out the reins.

Clearly, Isiah Thomas is a terrible GM, perhaps the worst in NBA history. But under a different coach, this team could at least be fun. Sadly, like most recent Knick teams, they’ll merely end up pathetic.

Sonics Acquire Earl Watson:

This one is for my father. He loved Earl after the Sonics drafted him, was upset when he signed with Memphis, and never stopped hoping he’d return. The money is high, but then again the Sonics desperately needed a back-up point guard who could do things Luke Ridnour can’t, like play defense. Potapenko and Evans were non-factors anyhow, so it’s not as if the team lost talent.

But if this team has a future, it’s with the Chris Wilcox trade. I’ve yet to see him play, but so far he’s looked very good in his limited outings with the Supes. If he can give them an athletic, talented 4, they’ll be in good shape next year…if they resign him, of course.


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