Wednesday, March 22, 2006

No Sori Here
By Blogger

Bowden: Alfonso, we need to talk about--

Soriano: No.

Bowden: The thing is, Jose Vidro is a Gold Glover, and--

Soriano: No.

Bowden: Frank and I think you'll be a really good left fielder. He put your name on the lineup card as a left fielder. Did you see it?

Soriano: No.

Bowden: Jesus H. Christ, man! Don't you care about my job? My reputation?

Soriano: No.

Bowden: Stop playing me for a fool.

Soriano: No.

Bowden: Wait, are you speaking English, or Spanish?

Soriano: No.

Bowden: We won't let you become a free agent unless you play left field.

Soriano: ...

Bowden: That's more like it.


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