Friday, May 05, 2006

A Little Playoff Poetry
By Zach

So many games, so little time
So much to summarize

Wade's fall and return
39 minutes of 2000 Shaq

Hinrich's poise and Gordon's fire
Announcers saying "Nocioni and Deng"

Dirk and JET playing D?
The smoking wreck of the Griz

Anthony Johnson's Game 6
An unlikely Old English

Carter and Jefferson soaring down
Upon the rim like hawks (or a Hawk)

The consistancy of TD
The fire of Artest

Tony P's unyielding quickness
Who the hell is Kevin Martin?

Methodical as always, the Pistons
ground the Bucks below their wheels

At least one part of the American
motor industry is still producing

The Clippers lending hope to all
the hapless fans and followers of

The Royals, the Pirates, and even
The Arizona Cardinals

Cassell and his "huevos grandes,"
Brand and his steadiness

Maybe next year Carmelo can keep
his team from Job-like luck

And last of all, and far from least
The two series which have had it all

LeBron's look
Gilbert's glare

Kobe's killshot
Steve's stoicness

A fadeaway J which we all knew
Was going nowhere but straight in

A late-game drive which had all the coaches
Worldwide screaming "seal the baseline"

A clothesline, a crossover
A Raja and a Smush

It's basketball at its finest
Men in their athletic prime

Feats of unrelenting greatness
Plus plenty of Charles Barkley

And we've still got another
Three rounds left to play...


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