Sunday, January 02, 2005

My New Year's Hopes
By Zach

So, it's 2005. I am also 21. Two concurrent phenomena.

I've got a few sports hopes for the new year, so I figured I'd share them.

-That the style of play embodied by the Phoenix Suns, Seattle SuperSonics, Washington Wizards, and others catches on, so that we never have to be subjected to the horrors of a San Antonio-Detroit Game 7 with the score 67-66. Basketball is meant to be an uptempo, athletic game, and hopefully we're finally undoing some of the damage done by the Miami Heat and New York Knicks.
-That Ron Artest gets a second chance.
-That Marv Albert starts broadcasting Knick games again. Seriously, what the hell was MSG thinking?
-That Kobe Bryant finally figures out how to play basketball in a team sense. Even if it means the Lakers are good.
-That my buddies get their wishes, and the Nets (probably), Nuggets (maybe), the Bulls (could happen) and the Warriors (haha) make the playoffs.
-That the Sonics resign Ray Allen. And Antonio Daniels. And maybe Vlad Rad.
-That we get more players like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

-That the fine folks of Pittsburgh, PA get themselves another Super Bowl champion. Unless of course they play the Seahawks.
-That the fine folks of Philadelphia, PA have to wait another year.
-That the Vick we see in the playoffs is more Mike than Marcus.
-That Brett Favre wins one more game at Lambeau...then retires.
-That the Seahawks fire Mike Holmgren, and the Broncos fire Mike Shanahan.
-That the J-E-T-S make the playoffs...because god knows I don't want to have to deal with Ben otherwise.
-That Peyton Manning once again fall short, proving that what you do in the regular season means as much as what I did in my intramural football league (17 TDs, 0 INTs in 4 games...that projects out to 68 TDs...and a loss in the semi-finals).

-That I get to see Randy Johnson pitch in pinstripes...and then blow out his arm.
-That the moment when the Boston Red Sox get their World Series rings in front of the New York Yankees at Fenway Park is as awesome as I think it will be.
-That Richie Sexson stay healthy
-That the Mariners sign Odalis Perez
-That the long-suffering fans of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and Cleveland Indians get something to cheer for.

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Blogger David Arnott said...

I, for one, wish that Mike Martz's head suddenly explodes as he's pacing the sidelines during the Rams' first playoff game.
I hope that Noah Lowry is the stud the Giants saw last year, and that he does not go all Brandon Webb on us. For that matter, I hope Rafael Soriano comes back and proves he's for real. I mean, it's no good that he's the most dominating setup guy in MVP Baseball 2004 if he doesn't back it up in real life. (By the way, Sean Burroughs is also my starting 2nd baseman, and he's an absolute contact-hitting monster in this game. God, I have to let up on the XBox...)
And finally, I wish that somebody, somewhere, would please figure out a way to trade Scot Pollard, the new Greg Ostertag, to the Clippers, where he would get to play next alongside the new Karl Malone. Just a thought.

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