Thursday, January 19, 2006

Reason Number 9,743 Why I Hate People
By Blogger

Antonio Davis jumped into the stands because he thought his wife was in danger during a confrontation with a Bulls fan. By all accounts, he merely went to her side and did nothing when he discovered that she was okay. Security handled the situation, Davis was ejected, later suspended for five games, and life went on...

But then again, maybe not. The 22 year old Bulls fan and his lawyer say he's planning to sue Davis for more than $1 million. Yet another reason for me to hate people.

A couple of questions for young Michael Axelrod.

1) Would you be suing if your situation didn't involve an NBA player? What if, on a busy city street, you got into a confrontation with a woman, and her large husband ran up to the two of you? Let's say he works in a bakery. Would you sue them?
2) How could Antonio Davis have slandered you if your name wasn't released until you started talking to the press and announced that you would sue him?

Let's read between the lines.

Axelrod said he never laid a hand on Davis' wife and said he was not drunk.
"It's a lie. When I go to games, I cheer as hard as I can for the Bulls, and I boo as hard as I can for whoever they're playing," Axelrod said. "I don't feel comfortable if players are allowed to easily jump into the crowd whenever they feel like it's necessary."

Recreating the scene: Axelrod screams at Davis, calling him a f&#*ing bum, and Davis's wife gets pissed. She walks up to him and tells him to cut it out because she and the kids are there. Axelrod responds with a slurred "F&#* you! I can say whatever the hell I want!" Maybe they start yelling at each other, nose to nose, at which point Davis enters from stage left.

Axelrod said Kendra Davis put both hands on his face, and that he motioned for security. He said she later went after another fan.
"I was glad she was done hitting me, but I didn't want her to hit anyone else," Axelrod said.

Reminiscent of A-Rod after slapping the ball from Arroyo's glove, Axelrod (hmmmmmm...) goes into a "What did I do?" routine. "Sir, I was just trying to stop this rampaging woman from injuring the defenseless citizens around me. I was in my seat, enjoying the ballgame in peace when she hit me in the face for no reason, then turned and attacked another fan. It was all I could do to warn others to make way and give her space, before calling security." Yes. That's exactly how it happened, Michael.

Finally, on a lighter note, Jamal Crawford offers up this gem.

"If you see your family in harm's way, you're going to go protect them. You're the man of the house, and at that point you're thinking like a regular human instead of an athlete."

See? Athletes are NOT people! Just like I've been telling you all along.

(UPDATE: Yes, I've read the Deadspin item. And no, I can't believe that someone, even a crazy loudmouth like Davis's wife, would flip out and target one guy over simple "rooting".)


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